Recently I was back in my hometown of Toronto when a good friend suggested that we head to Snakes and Lattes. Being a board game aficionado, I quickly accepted. The place is a total blast! There’s about two full walls with over 2500 games, broken down into different categories. The prices are extremely reasonable. Once you’re […]

I’m very OCD at times in life but one area I’m especially bad about is buying board games. Now, this may or may not be a trait that many geeks in general have ( Think of comics, miniatures, etc. ) but I’ve definitely been very compulsive with my game purchases. If it meets with a […]

By default, WordPress gives me a blog post titled “Hello World” which is fitting given the fact that I’m in the software engineering field. It’s doubly fitting given that I currently work on a compiler and thus see “Hello World” code on a near daily basis… So what to say about myself in this introductory […]