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Long time, no post…

Well, it’s been a while since I posted, but I’m hopefully getting back to it. I became a parent about a year ago and man, does that shut down the gaming hobby for a while. ¬†But now I’m getting back into things and finding enough time to write. Let’s see how it goes! Advertisements

Board Game Streak!

I’ve inadvertently recently fallen into a board game streak and I’d like to keep it going! Since last Friday, I’ve managed to play new and interesting games on each day. Now,¬†three days might not seem like a lot but despite being a board game aficionado, this is extremely uncommon for me. I rarely if ever […]

Random musings: The Cult of the New

I’m very OCD at times in life but one area I’m especially bad about is buying board games. Now, this may or may not be a trait that many geeks in general have ( Think of comics, miniatures, etc. ) but I’ve definitely been very compulsive with my game purchases. If it meets with a […]