Post PAX weekend and the end of the streak.

Well, my streak is at an end today. I’m not sure that I could possibly play another game.After 10 days of playing games each day, I may have hit my limit. It was great while it lasted though! 

PAX was a good experience, however I’ve been for quite a few years but I am starting to get a bit tired of it. It’s not the insanely large crowds and lines (even for going down the escalator! A line for the escalator people!). I can deal with that. It’s just a tiring experience. A bit overwhelming in a lot of ways.

Anyhow, It was a great weekend for board gaming and I got to have a ton of great experiences. So let’s look at the list:

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse

Got to play this one with Christopher Badell for three rounds + a number of other games throughout the weekend. This was by far the best weekend of Sentinels for me in a long time. Keep your eyes posted for a session report but I had some wicked awesome games. Sentinels of the Multiverse is in my top 3 of games right now and I’d play it again in a heartbeat.

  • Dungeon Lords (never tried it but after Dungeon Petz, I’m quite willing to give it a try)

I couldn’t track down people to play this or a copy of the game. The PAX library was a little sparse this year and the LFG method this year was via twitter. All well and good but cell and data reception at the con were extremely spotty. Too bad but I’ll try to play this sometime in the future.

  • King of Tokyo  (Heard great things about it)

Demo-ed it, loved it and bought it. Quick and light game that was a blast.

  • Libertalia

Another hit! The only thing that held me back was the price tag. $50 seems like a high price for this game. If it had been about 40, I would have bought it on the spot. It was loads of fun and I got 2 games in.

  • Seasons

Not at the con and couldn’t find a copy to play. C’est la vie.

  • Village

Found a copy but no one to play it with (players wanted shorter games). This will have to wait.

  • Possibly some of the new FFG games

I tried Infiltration and did not like it at all. I see huge possibilities for players to literally have no possible actions to take and lo and behold, exactly this happened. Players who got ahead had a lot to do, everyone else had nothing. A non-buy for me.

Additions to the list include:

  • A Touch of Evil

Fun but I’m not super into the theme. Also, they wanted $60 for it and it felt like too much to me. There’s also a huge amount of luck in the game and not a ton of strategy. Since I’m looking for strategy or theme mostly, this one is out.

  • Cards against Humanity

Bought it sight unseen and have greatly enjoyed it. This is not safe for work folks. It’s an extremely vulgar and dirty version of Apples to Apples mixed with very horrible ideas and images. 

  • Scavengers

Played this with one of the designers. It’s actually pretty good! I never would have looked at it given the cover but it’s a well done game. 

  • Pajaggle

A fun dexterity game. While it was fun at first play, I don’t know if it would continue to be fun in a few months. Still, it’s a good game and I bet it would be fun with a younger crowd (i.e. the childrens).



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