Board Game Streak!

I’ve inadvertently recently fallen into a board game streak and I’d like to keep it going! Since last Friday, I’ve managed to play new and interesting games on each day. Now, three days might not seem like a lot but despite being a board game aficionado, this is extremely uncommon for me. I rarely if ever get to have new stuff hit the table for more than two consecutive days in a row. It’s an awesome vibe and I’d like to continue to let it ride.

On Friday, my new bride and I pulled out the new Dominion: Dark Ages set. It was a new world for us with 35 new action cards and cool new mechanics. We played only a few short-ish games (the cards seem a bit more involved so it took some time), but we loved the new set! The new cards are really slick and I must say, I love this theme. The Dark Ages theme is dripping out of the box! If the Prosperity set was designed to make you feel rich and wealthy, this set is designed to make you feel impoverished and sickly. It’s unusual but all of the cards are darker in theme and even in artwork.  Pretty interesting! It’ll need more plays before I can review it but so far, I like what I see!

On Saturday, in addition to some further Dominion : Dark Ages, I got to try out the famous Eclipse. No, this game did not involve any Twilight references, but it did involve lots of space combat and exploration. A really awesome game that scratched the Euro and Sci-fi itch for me. It’ll take more plays for me to really get a good grasp on it but my first impressions were really positive!

Lastly, Yesterday I got to try out Dungeon Petz, which I was unsure of from the cover. It’s by the rather famous designer of Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker, and I had heard good things so I was willing to give it a shot. The board looks really chaotic at first and there’s quite a lot going on in the start but underneath there’s a really interesting and deep game. By the third of five rounds, I really felt like I grasped the mechanics of the game and I managed to pull off a great win 🙂 It was pretty sweet and both I and the wife loved it. We’ll see if we can add it to our collection in the future 🙂

Now that I’m on a streak of games, I’m going to try and continue it. If I can make it until Wednesday, I’ll hit my regular gaming night + a board game party we were invited to. That will be followed by PAX and well… it’ll be pretty easy at that point. This will be the first time in my life I’ve ever played game for more than three days in a row and I’ll pass the record by up to 9 days!! I’ll probably be extremely burnt out at that point but c’est la vie.

Some of the games I’m likely to play at PAX include:

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Dungeon Lords (never tried it but after Dungeon Petz, I’m quite willing to give it a try)
  • King of Tokyo  (Heard great things about it)
  • Libertalia
  • Seasons
  • Village
  • Possibly some of the new FFG games

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