Monthly Archives: August 2012

Board Game Streak!

I’ve inadvertently recently fallen into a board game streak and I’d like to keep it going! Since last Friday, I’ve managed to play new and interesting games on each day. Now, three days might not seem like a lot but despite being a board game aficionado, this is extremely uncommon for me. I rarely if ever […]

How to fail a launch / Goko’s Dominion Online

I’ve been tracking this story for a few days but has been touting their new online gaming platform for the last few days as the replacement for all those Dominion clones out there. They’ve failed spectacularly and it’s (currently) like a trainwreck ; difficult to watch, yet you can’t take your eyes off of it. […]

Random Musings: Board Game Storage (Part 1)

I am perpetually searching for a proper way to store many of my board games. Once you buy the base set and a couple of expansions, the number of boxes that are required for a game start to grow to the point where that particular game takes over a shelf. Take my Commands and Colors: […]

Board Game Review : Small World

I know Small World, by Days of Wonder has probably been reviewed a thousand times already but I thought I’d toss in my own two cents on it. As this has already been reviewed on Giant Fire Breathing Robot (where I contribute) by the other board game writer, GeekInsight, I thought I’d use my own […]

Fantasy Book review: Mistborn : The Final Empire

It’s been neigh on 15 years since I’ve last done a book report, but I thought I’d give it a shot in review form on this blog. Hopefully this will introduce some folks to new books that they may not have heard of. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to lay by […]