Board Game Cafés

Recently I was back in my hometown of Toronto when a good friend suggested that we head to Snakes and Lattes. Being a board game aficionado, I quickly accepted.

The place is a total blast! There’s about two full walls with over 2500 games, broken down into different categories. The prices are extremely reasonable. Once you’re there, you pay $5 CDN for all-you-can-play board games. Their food and drink prices are also very reasonable and they have a good selection of beers and lattes (though I don’t drink coffee, so your mileage may vary here).

What’s even more incredible was how one of the employees working there sat down with us to explain our game, Stone Age. He set the board up for us, got us all prepped and ran through a round with us. Talk about service!

In my humble, yet geeky, opinion, more of these places need to open up. What a great way to spend an evening! Beer, wine and new board games with friends.

I live in the Seattle area now and I’ve recently heard about a place in Ballard, called Café Mox. This place looks to be more of the same great thing so I hope to try it out soon!

There was also a recent Kickstarter campaign for opening a new board game café in the Bellevue area (hopefully a bit closer to my home). I do have a few doubts about this particular campaign as $10k does not seem like enough to me to start up a new business here (rents/leases are likely extremely expensive given the tech companies here), but I’m hoping they succeed. A new local hangout would be amazing!


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