Hello world!

By default, WordPress gives me a blog post titled “Hello World” which is fitting given the fact that I’m in the software engineering field. It’s doubly fitting given that I currently work on a compiler and thus see “Hello World” code on a near daily basis…

So what to say about myself in this introductory post?

Well, for starters, this is not my first attempt at blogging. I’ve written a very small set of blog posts for work a long ways back (points to you, reader, if you can find my posts). These were not extremely popular and I ran out of good issues to blog about. Plus some crunch times came up at work and unfortunately it was abandoned.

I currently blog for Giant Breathing Robot, where I blog board game reviews and occasionally the news. It’s a geeky site and at some near point in the future, I’ll write about how I got started there. This blog will likely contain some of the content I write there plus stuff I don’t quite consider worth publishing on their site (They have a higher bar for content than I do, plus my contributions there are strictly in the board gaming realm)

This blog will just contain my random thoughts on things I think are interesting, like board gaming, video games,  technology and any other geeky subjects (science, books, tv, movies, etc.)

I work for Microsoft on Visual Studio on what we affectionately call the Languages team as the test lead. My team owns testing both the Visual C# and Visual Basic compilers (and programming languages). I find all of software engineering interesting but I love programming languages. This is a huge area of passion for me and I love discussing these subjects.

Board gaming has become a huge passion of mine in the last five years. I got started on the gateway games like settlers and Ticket to Ride but now my collection is quite prolific in terms of variety of games. I play games either once or twice a week, so I’m not in the extreme end of gaming nor at the lower end.


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